We promote the concept of ‘learning by doing’. We have the best specialists and teachers to arouse curiosity and encourage researching in various areas of knowledge: Art, Music, Robotics, Sports, Languages, School Orchard and Enterprising School.


Our multilingual teaching model pays special attention to English, French, and German. Moreover, during the first years, the teaching model is completely bilingual. It is a method that improves the communication skills of students and helps them to enhance their social skills in a global, plural and diverse world. In our school language is always in the service of knowledge.


Facilities, teachers, methodology, languages, and innovating educational projects are the tools that we use to reach the main objective: excellence through practical learning. And this excellence is guaranteed, year after year,  by the results of our students.

Emotional Education

Because we understand that excellence in teaching and therefore in the results,  can only be achieved in a pleasant, close, flexible and collaborative working atmosphere;  in El Pinar School all our efforts are directed towards making reality of Oscar Wilde’s immortal words: “The best way to make children good is to make them happy”.

Constructive Learning


Practical learning

Aprender haciendo

Working through projects: Our students acquire knowledge by solving problems in real life. As Piaget said: “There is no assimilation without accommodation, but accommodation does not exist without simultaneous assimilation either”.

The talent through creativity

Aprender tocando

Learning by playing. In the first years, we encourage creativity by teaching arts.

Experimentation in the service of knowledge

Robótica en el colegio

Robotics at school

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.’ – Franklin Benjamnin.

If they have fun, they learn

‘The best way to make children good is to make them happy.’ – Oscar Wilde



One of the cornerstones of our school is to promote a healthy lifestyle within the educational community. We have a medical service following up every student and cooperating with the profesionals responsible for the Sports Facilities, in order to check the proper physical development of students. It is a philosophy which also takes into account food, for it is one of the fundamental pillars of our 'Healthy life style'.



In our school, we celebrate social and cultural activities such as Open Doors Day, Science Week or Cultural Week. They represent perfectly what we like to call an open and cooperative center, where families play the main role. All these activities are matched with annual camping focused in improving the socialization and interaction between students and natural environments, keeping them away from television, video games, and other unhealthy habits.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology

El Pinar pioneered the implementation of ICT (information and communications technologies) in its educational models. For several years now, we have been committed to a constructive educational system based on the application of the ITAE technologies (Technological Innovation and Educational Progress)- a method that turns the student into the performer of his learning process. Our students obtain their knowledge by researching and looking for information through the wide range of channels offered by the 'new society of information'.






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María José Salom Directora

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Mónica Carrera Jefa de estudios Secundaria

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Antonio Santiago Secretaría académica

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Mónica Vilches Jefa de estudios Primaria

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Maru Arroyo López Jefa de Admisiones

Professor of Mathematical Logic

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