We’re working hard to establish clear and simple mechanisms to meet the operating requirements of the center as well as specific measures to facilitate the relationship between all components of the school community.

We are a private school, so we have a management model in two different aspects, but both depend on each other: the administrative and pedagogical

Our goal is to engage all actors that make up the educational community to contribute their input to get constant improvement and continue the education of our students. We talk about education in respect and tolerance.
The different agents that compose our school community have different functions, but each of these agents holds a function as important and vital for the proper functioning of the center as the others:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Non-teaching staff
  • The families

They participate very actively in the academic life. Everyone has a role to play and a lot to offer to the daily life of our school. We have a very familial atmosphere. All actors who compose our community have a cordial relationship with all students, create a friendly atmosphere for the children, and are concerned about the teaching activities and personal development of the students.