Along with the canteen, the school bus happens to be one of the basic services of any school. El Pinar has made a major commitment for improvement, optimization and expansion of resources for the daily mobility of students coming from other municipalities near the coast or from the capital. During this academic year we have launched new routes, a project that will be continued over the future campaigns. The information about new routes on which we are working for the next campaign will be available during the first week of September.

In this regard, we note that the existing stops and routes during the course 2020/21 are considered final for the course 2021/22. However, it should be considered that given the growth and development of nearby municipalities, school mandates the direct supervision of the details of the service by the supplier and the responsible for school transport, before the course begins. The result of such inspection could lead to small changes in order to improve it, and if so, we will inform about it.


Standards for School Transportation Service:

1. The bus service is hired annually. It may not be canceled during the year. In case your child is not going to ride the bus, is necessary to notify the secretariat of the center in advance or to phone the monitor of the route.

2. Individual tickets are available. In this case, the stops cannot be modified. All the information about the routes, can be requested at the Secretariat.

3. If for some reason your son / daughter needed to get off at a different stop than usual, a written communication must be addressed to the secretary in advance , informing about the start and end date of that change. These changes shall not be agreed the drivers and/or the responsible for the route.

4. To authorize other people (grandparents, relatives, friends, assistants / carers, other parents of school…), to pick up your child at the bus stop, parents or guardians must had a written communication accompanied by a copy of the identity card of the authorized person at the Secretariat. It would be advisable to prevent any possible contingencies by delivering an annual authorization for other people to pick up your child off, at the beginning of the course. The authorization form is available at the Secretariat.

5. Stops changes shall not be agreed with the driver..

6. Please be punctual when picking up your child at the stop. The family should always be a few minutes before for the bus does not have to wait. Should arrived late, the vehicle will wait for a reasonable time and then continue with the route. If they are not picked up on time, the student will return to school, unless there is a signed written authorization for the student to be picked up by another parent of the same stop.