El Pinar, a private school of excellence in Málaga

It is not possible to speak abouth the fundamental rights that underpin a developed society without speking about Education. There is no doubt that education is the basis of the western model of modern state. In this sense, education should be one of the tasks that the human labor tenderly and carefully focuses on. In Spain, the pedagogical work is executed from different platforms that are based on a common legal corpus. Our country has an education system that encompasses a wide network of different schools and that goes beyond state support.

According to their conditions and possibilities, families would look for the best school for their children. Private schools are educational ‘entities’ financed exclusively by parents of students. They are fully self-managed and enjoy certain level of freedom to set their curriculum within the limits set by the government.

The private school El Pinar is part of the outstanding range of schools that don’t belong to the public range. Working hard to aim innovation and always looking for excellence, our company has managed to gain recognition in the Private Education of Málaga and Andalucía. Our pedagogical model is solvent, personalized, close and based on a cooperative learning system that uses the Information & Communication Technologies to develop the work through projects. It is a teaching method that has led us to achieve the highest levels of quality within the Spanish private education sector.

Our more than 15 years experiene has reaffirmed us in the idea that a private school should be a dynamic and multidisciplinary institution where student are formed and motivated to freedom of thought and creativity, because they are the key elements to our society, a place where skills and roles change to a breakneck pace.

A secular private school based on values education

We believe that a pedagogical model that aims to excellence can not just settle its pillars in the proper transmission of knowledge according to a particular method. There is no doubt that it is the basis of a learning system which is close, cooperative and innovative and that has led us to stand out in the Independent Private Education of Andalucía.
We would like to conceive the school as the area where students are formed and conducted to reason. Always keeping in mind that these students will soon be the key elements of our society.

Therefore, our school opts for a SECULAR PEDAGOGICAL SYSTEM that respects the beliefs that are part of the privacy of every family, and that is BASED ON VALUES. This teaching vocation means extending our learning model to higher levels of development, so it is not limited exclusively to teaching subjects, skills and agendas; to be able to bring up goals related to the field of ethics and civility and as an ultimate goal, to train responsible citizens who can integrate fully in their society.

Through this approach we implement a working method aimed at enhancing and strengthening a formula based on respecting each other.

At the same time, our model as SECULAR PRIVATE SCHOOL is not focused on an agnostic or atheistic stance. Our position keeps us out of these debates and proceeds to the transmission of civic and humanistic values that we aim to keep out of any religious interpretation.

Therefore, we consider that is a family duty to promote and transmit the faith they consider most appropriate for their children. Our work system, a model of secular education, does not invade the beliefs we understand as private; and it makes a clear separation between school and teaching contents and any religious matter.

The priority of every professional working in El Pinar is to provide the knowledge, skills and competencies that enable our studens to fully develop in the environment they belong to. As well, we understand that Values Education has to be a part of our educational model whose ultimate goal is to guide children and youth in the process that will lead them to become autonomous, fulfilled and happy people.

El Pinar, a private school of excellence in Málaga