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With no doubt, Science is one of the essential pillars of the contemporary world and a real driving force behind the changes and the progress of society, which main goal is to reach the highest levels of well-being while respecting and leaving in harmony with the natural environment-the one that provides us shelter, security and food.

The disclosure and dissemination policies of science are considered positive, and the scientific research holds any possibility of sustainable development.

For this reason, students must learn how to build scientific knowledge through observation; distinguishing, classifying, analyzing and using the elements.
Throughout the years, El Pinar has developed several activities that promote reflection and experimentation on the environment.

Our work contribute to the development of skills that will help young people to adequately ger along in this societey with autonomy and determination.

Apart from the knowledge included in the school curriculum, the Science Department program has an ambitious program of activities, some of them are well-known in Málaga, such as the Science Week and the Naturalist Photography Contest, which has had a huge impact and counts with the support of many institutions all scientific fields.

Equally, we also participate in the Science Week of Insitituto Bezmiliana, in the environmental programs of Alhaurin de la Torre, World Environment day, World Water day, World Tree day, etc. We perform different actions of scientific dissemination, and provide innovative initiatives into the ITAE. At last but not least, among other things, we participate in activities such as the Science Campus of CSIC, or the Crystallography Context of the University of Granada.

Our work contribute undoubtedly to the development of skills that will help students to become independent and to act with determination.

Apart from the knowledge included in the curriculum of the center, the Department of Science program has an ambitious program of activities, some of them of reference in the province of Málaga, such as the Science Week and Contest Naturalist photography school El Pinar, which has had a huge spread and has the support of many institutions all scientific fields.

Similarly, we also participate in the Week of Science Bezmiliana Institute , the environmental council of Alhaurin de la Torre programs , the Day of the Environment, Water , Tree , etc. We perform different actions Outreach and bring a continuous stream of the ITAE center project with P. P. Scientific Biographies and innovation. Finally , among other things , actively participate in initiatives such as the Science Campus of CSIC , or the Contest of Crystallography of the University of Granada .


Since last decade, learning foreign languages is a priority in any quality educational curriculum. In a dynamic and changing society, languages have become a main requirement. In this sense, English proficiency is essential, as more and more areas of knowledge use it and is basic to the cultural development of any community. Economy, any professional and academic field, cultural and personal exchanges, especially within the European Union and in the rest of the countries, requiere imperatively the use of more than one foreign language.

Therefore , the school is strongly committed to teaching languages. Our project, which includes English, French and German, contributes to the development of the personality of students, and to raise their self confidence as well.

Speaking foreign languages allow you to get in contact and interact with other cultures, to understand the reality of a multicultural and multilingual society, while promotes such important values as tolerance and respect for different ways of thinking.
This is why, our Languages Department promotes the study of at least two foreign languages through :

  • Interactive classes that foster creativity and proper use of the foreign language .
  • Intensive communication in a foreign language among our students.
  • Weekly workshops with language assistants (English native speakers).
  • The Film Week in the Languages Department.
  • Linguistic trips to England.
  • Gastronomic events related to the language that is being studied.



In a changing world that is dominated by new technologies, our ability to work with the information, to localise it, to understand it, to organize it, to interpret it and to transmit it, is essential.
Developing these skills is the backbone of the curriculum in the area of philology. In this sense, the subject of Spanish Language and Literature is very important as an instrument and social value.

The binome 'teaching – learning' concerns is everyone, and the subject 'Language' is the transverse axis around which the rest of the knowledge is articulated.

Our school is aware of the importance of the proper use of language for both, social interaction and for the representation of knowledge and experience.

Therefore , we carry out many activities, projects and initiatives related to this subject. This program requires the support and participation of all members and all the resources of the center; as we seek to be an `` intentional communication system that occurs within an institutional framework and in which strategies to facilitate learning are generated `` ( Contreras , 1990: 23).

Activities and objectives:

  • Development of our school newspaper 'Opin@r '.
  • Development of an annual literary contest.
  • A Book Fair, with activities like collective readings, exchange of used books, sale' stands, presentations of works by different authors, making bookmarks, storytelling for the youngest...
  • Language immersion project for foreign students with language difficulties .
  • Draft a literary city guide.
  • Attend the classical plays in the theatre.
  • Development of a new and original project: 'The PALABRARIO' to improve and develop vocabulary.

The Department of Language and Literature represents better than any other the multidisciplinary character of our curriculum. By its nature, it is directly related to the other departments, and have a collaborative approach as each of the members of our teaching staff is essential to the development of collective learning, based on the effort and teamwork.



Every decision, every step, with every option we choose now; will have an impact in the future we are building. Not intending to analyse the reality-present moment we are living in, what we would like to think about is: How did we get here? This question leads to the engine that drives the work in our department.

We are the result of a series of processes, stages, lifestyles, cultural-social evolutions... In one word: changes. It is worth to ask ourselves what we have done and how we have done it. This analysis will give us some of the big keys to human development up to the present.

The project we have developed in the Department of Social Sciences seeks, among other things, obtaining an analytical understanding based on the method of 'learning by doing' and trying to awaken in students the curiosity for knowledge, as well as trying to encourage their concerns, to lead them to question everything, to search the information that answers their questions, and to help them develop the skills to unveil the truth.

Students should have the tools and knowledge that enable them to move in a changing society without forgetting the past and the history that put us where we are.

Our students work with materials and historical texts, maps, or images that help them to interpret and understand the past as a basis on which we will build our future.

In addition, we combine the teaching process with initiatives such as the Conference of Local History, cultural outings to different Andalusian cities, participation in several contest and meetings, or our particular Book Fair. This is a global project that pushes us to work with the enthusiasm to form free, honest responsible people for the future society.



El Pinar is committed to quality education. For this reason it has a guidance department acting on each and every stage of education.
The Guidance Department is a specialized team that supports the work of the center and the entire teaching staff in all actions aimed at achieving the maximum development of the skills and competencies of all students (talent development). As well as their personal development and their educational-social progress adapting the project to the particular characteristics of the student.

Some of our activities in the school are:

  • School of families: Meeting point for an exchange of ideas and experiences among the families of our students and the guidance team.
  • Career guidance program: We teach our students to train into making decisions in order to develop their self- orientation.
  • Cycle of professional training meetings.
  • Emotional Intelligence Project: Specific work of emotions as an essential part of the personal development..
  • Dedication to the language: special attention to the difficulties in this area.
  • Language stimulation project..
  • Attention to students with educational support need:

- Personalization of the teaching – learning process.
- Personal monitoring programs.
- Educational support, reinforcement and expansion program.
- Curricular enrichment program.

  • Informative Talks for students: We provide our students with information related to current society.

Teaching departments