Books and school supplies

The working method of school El Pinar is based on the application of information and communication technologies to the learning process. In this sense, the digital content created and shared by the students themselves, are the basis of our educational model. We talked about an innovative, efficient, participatory and environmentally friendly system, as it means a significant saving over traditional systems that continue focusing activity using paper. This system also connects students with the tools of technological work from the primary stages, adding value to the learning process.

The implementation of this model leaves the traditional textbooks with complementary role in teaching activities. However, both in Bachillerato and in the first year Primaria, we use text books to teach the subjects that are part of the official academic curriculum.

In these cases, the school selects the books needed for the development of work in the classroom. At the begining of the year, the school provides a list with the books required for each subject.

For a better organization, the center facilitates the acquisition of complete batch for each course. The final list will be available in Secretary from July. The books are delivered during the first week of September.

-Material resources

Manuals of the following publishers: Oxford, SM, Santillana, Teide, Sgel or Macmillan , among others.

-Digital resources

A laptop with the following minimum requirements :

Intel Core i3 or i5

4GB memory . DD3

500 GB hard drive

Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 8

Red gigabit Ethernet, WiFi-N and Bluetooth (3.0)

15.6 ” screen

USB ports, VGA and HDMI output, SD / MMC card reader, speakers and DVD player

Antivirus / Antimalware (optional) -suscripción renewed annually

Office suite Office Home and Student (optional)

Explanatory notes on the laptop:

he device, exclusively for the student, will have to come up with the initial setup of the manufacturer and its corresponding original licensed operating system, antivirus and office suite. You CAN NOT HAVE ANY SOFTWARE INSTALLED THAN THE ORIGINAL.

There will be two user accounts: Student (basic user) and an administrator account managed by the school. CAN NOT BE INSTALLED PROGRAMS OR TOOLS THAN FOR STUDENT USE.

Parents who request it, can have a free parental control Microsoft that will help them monitoring the internet browsing, hours of computer use and a report of the activity of the machine.

The computer in the school will guide and advise you.

Books and school supplies