For us it is important to keep parents updated about every activity conducted within and outside the classroom. For this reason we invite families to visit the school on certain days when we celebrate special activities. These Open Days include ‘La castañada’, Day of Peace, Day of Andalucía, Science Week, Days of Local History, Book Fair, etc. where families enjoy an active participation.


All year long, we perform activities for the students and their families that are developed inside and outside the classroom, and which goal is to leave the educational environment to create new artistic and cultural spaces to interact with.

These activities involve different disciplines, so the students will participate in cultural visits, conferences, seminars , workshops, school trips , etc.


As a part of our healthy leisure project, every year our students have the option to go camping a few days with their teachers, in order to experience other ways to have fun and spend their free time away from TV, video games and other less healthy habits.
During those days and under the supervision of their teachers and monitors, the students will participate in different types of sports, workshops, etc. with the goal of living experiences and interacting outside their usual environment.
The camping trips will be scheduled on different dates and places, according to the classes.