School of Entrepreneurs

huerto webligera


A School for beginners embarking adventure

Self-employment or finding new business strategies will no longer be an unknown path for our students. We are aware of the importance of entrepreneurship in the Spanish society, that’s why our center will release next year a pioneering project that will start in the primary stage, aimed to provide the students the knowledge, practice, vision and experimental background needed to be able to engage in business or, to lead them to higher degrees that will help them to start their business activity in the work sector they prefer.


School of Entrepreneurs will start from the third year ‘Primaria’. The theoretical knowledge and practices in companies will be added gradually and adapted to the maturity of the students.
The idea is that students begin to assimilate the theoretical knowledge needed to achieve the objectives raised, and the schedule of this project will be adapted to their maturity.
Another key part of this project is the implementation of ‘virtual’ companies so the students will be able to practice the theoretical knowledge they’ ve been acquiring.

Students will form ‘company’ working groups consisted of students from all courses that may interact with each other, so that they will learn to manage different projects. The ultimate goal will be the design or production of some nonexistent well, which can bring some innovation and which will lead to the study of different commercial outlets. The School of Entrepreneurs will work, at least, on three business projects corresponding to different production sectors that will interact with each other and with external factors, as a market.

School of Entrepreneurs