Scholar Orchard

Organic crop classroom

Education , as a system for the growth and maturation of the individual through knowledge , hardly supports the idea of innovation when it is understood just as applying technology tools to the teaching process.

Our independent educational system based on active participation of the student in the construction of knowledge the agents, space and resources involved in the educational process are beyond the boundaries of the classroom, the book and the conventional teacher-student interaction. In this sense, any action taking place in the academic context becomes a unique opportunity .

It is a vision that places the student at the center of the education system, and consider the experimentation and the principles of ‘learning by doing’ as key factors.

In this sense , our ‘Ecological Orchard’ has become a true outdoor classroom. It is an experimental workshop where we unleash the creative of the students. For this project, the agricultural platform where the activities take place, has been divided into different plots adapted to each educational level. As well, the contents, actions, and goals have been designed according to the skills that students must master at each stage.
This natural laboratory is directly connected to the ecosystem that surrounds us, and helps children to understand the environment in a different way; having a closer and more enjoyable experience. Children will learn the importance of keeping a balanced relationship with the environment and the role of humans as main players in all the process

The orchard, as a teaching project, goes the beyond basic learning about growing food or the interdisciplinary action involving all areas teaching in which all the Departments are involved: Social Sciences, Geography and History (landscape , forestry, farming, etc.), Mathematics (plans, land division, measures, etc.), Language (reports, observation sheets, sayings , tales, etc.), Science (water, nutrition , living organismos, etc.).
It is an initiative connected to The School of Entrepreneurs and aims to familiarize students with the basic tools of business and administrative management.

Once again, this project is a unique opportunity to delve into the roots of values such as teamwork, mutual respect, partnership, sharing responsibilities, the importance of organization and joint action to achieve collective goals and the value of effort over time.



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Scholar Orchard