Another cornerstone of our school is to promote healthy habits for a correct physical development of the students. In a modern society in which children are influenced by negative social habits and a sedentary lifestyle, such as an excessive use of electronic games, we offer various sporting activities as a new form of leisure and free time.

The students should do physical exercise because, besides having fun, it helps to improve their steem, mood, agility, efficiency, and health. In adition it helps childre to play better and to overcome challenges.


We will encourage the fight against obesity in order to improve the health of our educational community.

The strategy is based on several pillars:

Medical evaluation To estimate the percentage of weight of fat tissue and to schedule its normalisation.

Personalised diets to suit the needs of the student in the canteen and at home.

Workshops to teach: the different types of foods, how the wrong combination of these may influence weight gain, how to cook them taking in account their nutrients and calories for a balanced diet, etc.

Sports activities: We promote such activities to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and a healthy physical-mental life.

This strategy may be shared by students and their families.