School of Art

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Teaching artistic expression through Art

Promoting creativity, understood as the ultimate form of expression of the originality and imagination of the human being, it is one of the cornerstones of our educational project. Beyond having a certain talent for creating, we prioritize the ability of each student to stand out in a particular area of art.
On this basis, the school year 2015-2016 will start a ‘School of Art’ which will aim to promote and canalise the creative flow of students through the exploration of different forms of artistic expression, adapted to the age of the pupils and the Curriculum for their level.
Our goal is to help our students to assimilate the theorical and practical concepts that will provide them the required skills to represent reality and their view of the world through painting, drawing and modeling. It is all about awakening their interest in plastic description of the environment, helping them discover and appreciate their artistic abilities as a way of self-expression, and encouraging them so they will enjoy the learning process and appriecciate the artists and their works.

We aim to maximize their degree of personal development, integration in their environment around them and the fullness of their abilities. Art education is the perfect instrument to develop creativity, self-esteem, willingness to learn, ability to work in team, or abstract thinking in art education are an ideal space through the arts, having for goal a more sensitive students able to express themselves.


We start from an educational model based on dialogue and communication teacher-student , personal attention aimed to develop the critical thinking and enhancing the personal qualities of every student. We will strengthen the desire and willingness to learn through motivation. Concerning the pupils in nursery stages, we will boost their innate curiosity to help them achieve the knowledge we intend to transmit.
We will focus on the teaching the essentials basis of visual language: observation, reproduction and interpretation of visual reality through drawing, painting, printing and modeling, among other techniques.

We will take a close look at framing, composition, relationships system, lines, gesture, movement, point, theory of color, brushstroke, texture or material, among other painting techniques.

The objective is to stimulate the creative imagination of students, to discover the innate potential of each of them and to help them develop the most of their creative potential.

School of Art