The advantages of using uniform are well-known: the convenience of the parents, the absence of discrimination among students, etc., as well as the convenience of having a distinctive and particular image of an institution that takes the utmost care for the details. Therefore, we urge parents and students to respect the maximum uniformity, which will be mandatory in Infantil, Primaria and Secundaria.

During 2015-16, students are allowed to use the old uniform in parallel with the current one. Families want to buy clothes with the old emblem will benefit from a 40% discount (as not all the sizes and garments are available).

All uniform items will be acquired at school, except:

– Formal uniform: black or navy shoes and, red socks or tights. With navy blue. With formal pants socks may be gray or black.

– For the sports uniform: white sneakers and white socks.

In winter:

– Turtle neck white sweaters are allowed.

– The coat and other outerwear (scarves, hats and gloves) will be navy blue.

Also, the use of long-sleeved underwear under short sleeves items are not allowed.

Garments must be clearly marked inside with the full name of the student. The Center is not responsible for lost items. It is mandatory that all students attend school in uniform, as well as to any official act to be organized.

The personal appearance and grooming of students as a standard of living and as a reflection of the school us very important.
Ir is not mandatory for the students of Bachillerato to wear the school uniform. However they can not attend school dressed inappropriately for school. They may not wear piercings, dreadlocks, dilators, torn pants or skirts and shorts too short. Learning the social protocol and preparation for social and professional future starts with taking care of your own image.

Students in Infantil may use the sports uniform whenever they want, however they will have to wear the formal uniform for special occasions.